Healsi - Premium Still Water - Glass bottle 400/800 ml

Premium water | FINE WATER from Portugal Recently healsi finally available in high-quality glass bottles. The healsi water comes from the most silica-rich source on our planet. Thanks to the high concentration of silica, the premium water is very health-promoting and ensures a general sense of well-being. The water: HEALSI is pure water, a natural source of vitality. The purity is guaranteed from the collection of the water to the bottling. HEALSI is synonymous with sophistication. The high concentration of silica and a neutral pH make HEALSI a unique water with remarkable benefits for human health. “The first sip is very strong and powerful, which gives it character and strength. It is pleasantly harmonious and invigorating in the mouth. In the aftertaste it meets my requirements for fine water, it leaves a very slightly sweet note and makes a great mouthfeel."


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