Madeira fennel infusion

Madeira fennel infusion with relaxing properties. Fennel infusion has anti-inflammatory properties that help digestion by decongesting the body. Fennel offers a multitude of health benefits without any risk or side effects. Madeira funnel, whose digestive qualities have been recognized for centuries in Portugal , will allow you to prepare an herbal infusion that will help you to free yourself from a hectic day! Net weight: 100g 2 tablespoons for 500ml of infusion No colorants or preservatives When the Portuguese navigator João Gonçalves Zarco discovered Madeira Island in 1420, the island was deserted, covered with forests and with a plant that grew abundantly: fennel (Funcho in Portuguese). It is in homage to this plant that he founded the city of Funchal, now the capital of the Madeira archipelago.