MOURA DOP 500ml - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Description: Virgin and extra virgin olive oil made with Verdeal variety (between 15 and 20%), Cordovil variety (between 35 and 40%) and Galega (remaining percentage). Production method: Only ripe olives are used and they are transported quickly to the mill, after the harvest, to avoid its deterioration. For this reason, the transport is carried out in medium sized containers, to allow good ventilation. Once at the mill, the olives are sorted depending on their provenance, variety. They are also cleaned and washed. Within 24 hours of washing the olives are crushed and pressed at a maximum temperature of 30 ⁰C, over 25 to 30 minutes, for the classic pressing method and 50 minutes if they are to be centrifuged. The olive paste is decanted and centrifuged to separate the liquid phase (olive oil and dirty water) from solid phase (called “borras”) and stored in containers at a temperature of 15-16 ⁰C. Distinctive features: Azeite de Moura PDO is an olive oil with low or very low acidity, yellow-green color and fruity flavor. It is also bitter and spicy in the first months after its extraction. The combination of the main traditional olives varieties makes it a unique olive oil. Production area: Azeite de Moura PDO olive oil is produced in the municipal areas of Moura and Serpa (in the Beja district) and also, in Mourão (in Évora district). History: The production of Azeite de Moura PDO olive oil was already famous in the times of the Romans, so much so that it was mentioned by Plinio (1st century), who described the skill in olive oil making in this region. There are many local proverbs for example, to emphasizing the intelligence of someone the people says: “as fine as Moura olive oil”